Hello everyone,
ExMuOnline is now updated for 1-3 version.
Remember bugs can appear, report to us as fast as possible.
For acess game, download new client full in website.

Season18 Part 1-3:

- New Artifacs System
*collect Box of Artifacts in all maps drop and make it in chaos mix (fragmet + creation)
*evolve Artifacts with Stones that drop in all maps too

- Boss Battle Event
*2 Big Boss together with extra power
*Happens 3 times per day, check web countdown
*50k Ruud for Last Hit, 50k Ruud for who makes more damage
*100k ruud if make at least 500m damage (each boss has 900m hp)

- Imperial Guardian (Gaion):
*Now you dont have to wait other people end event for make it

Posted22 / 06 / 2023Byexmuonline

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