EXMU Players!
We have done weekly maintenance, check the changelog.
To Update your Files, open via Launcher!

+ Changelog:

- Fixed Store GP
- Fixed 'Bundle' Function
- Fixed White Kundun Staff % Damage Added
(Staff was not working 100%, all damage was on Book)

- Fixed Bound Wing Level2 White Kundun
- Fixed Bound Wing Level2 Lemuria
- Fixed Bound Wing Level3 Gun Crusher

- Havok Skill now work properly (3 hits once)
- Chaos Blade Skill now works properly (3 hits once)

- Fixed Disconnect on High Maps (All Class)
- Updated AntiLAG System (Press F9)
- Updated Minimizer System (Press F12)

- Fixed Wings of Power
(It supposed to be 75%/75% and was 65%/65%)

- Added Lemuria & White Kundun Bônus Damage when in same Party
*10% Extra Damage for Lem + WKun, 5% Extra Damage for other class

- Fixed 'Reflect Shield' Skill of White Kundun
(was not working good when set to buff all party members)

Posted22 / 06 / 2023Byexmuonline

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