Hello, everyone.
Weekly maintenance was done, and we have some fixes.

+ Changelog:

- Added Jewel Bingo MiniGame
- Added Balls & Cows MiniGame
- Fixed MuRuumy Issue with Prizes
- Fixed BombHunt MiniGame not working
- UPDATED Guide of MiniGames DROP LIST

- Fixed Ruud Reward after Grand Reset function
- Fixed 'Yeti 3rd Quest' missing on Devias Spots
- Fixed MOSS Gambler 'client-freeze' in specific cases
- Fixed specific Disconnect issue on White Kundun Class

- Added another SubServer (NOPvP)
- Update Jewel of Life Rate (Increased DROP)
- Updated Elemental Damage on Ertells (was very small)

- Actived Invasions¹: Abyssal Atlans, Scorched Cannyon
- Actived BOSS¹: God of Darkness

¹: Some Invasions/BOSS are disable yet (stronger than those), they will be actived during week.

Posted22 / 06 / 2023Byexmuonline

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