Hello, everyone.
Thanks for more than 1000 Onlines after less than 48h active.
We did some updates in game, for better gameplay for you guys.
Remember to close client and open via Launcher to auto-update your game.

+ Changelog:

- Fixed MOSS Gambler show in Client '3b+3b' in place of '3b+3s'
- Fixed Miracle Coin cannot be traded
- Fixed RENA cannot be traded

- Fixed Chaos Blade [MG] Skill Target
- Fixed Havok [MG] Skill Target
- Fixed Bursting Flare [GC] Skill Target

- Fixed Expansion Wizardy Buff of White Kundun
- Fixed Expansion Wizardy Buff of Lemuria
- Fixed Skill Tree issue after Reset

- Fixed Events Daily Limit
- Upgrade on Events Ruud Final Prize¹
- Fixed Regular Invasions not working properly
- Upgrade on Events Ruud During Event (BC/DS Horses, DG/CC Characters)²

- Fixed Death Match Event (works only on first-pvp server)
- Fixed Last Man Event (works only on first-pvp server)

- ADDED Skill Guide About Nivelation PvP/PvM
- UPDATED Commands Guide with Auto ADD and Auto Reset
- UPDATED DROP Guide with New Ruud Values of Event

- Actived Invasions³: Ferea, Nix, Deep, Dark, Kubera
- Actived BOSS³: Core Magriffy, Lord of Ferea, Nix, Deep Gorgon

¹: Minor ~> 100-500 to 500-1000; Standard ~> 500-1000 to 1500-2000; Greater ~> 1000-1500 to 2000-2500
²: Horses ~> 10% Ruud Chance to 50% Ruud Chance; CC/DG Characters ~> 1~3 Ruud to 5~15 Ruud 
³: Some Invasions/BOSS are disable yet (stronger than those), they will be actived during week.

Posted20 / 02 / 2022Byexmuonline

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