EXMUONLINE its on Season19 Part 1-2
Farm Everything Play2Win: Coins, Ruuds, Goblin Points, Pr0 Items
CashShop: Play2Win --> We dont sell Penta/Ertell/Wing4th/Ruud/etc

The X1000 server has been updated with latest update.

- New weapons Apocalypse
- New mastery set Primordial Lightning
- Grow Lancer Rework (New skills)

* Download the new client to Play!

New Server Settings: 
- Version: Season 19 Part 1-2
- Experience: x50
- Level 400 + 1100
- Play2win Game

Season18 Part 2-2:
- 5th Mount Evolution (Giant Bear)
- 6th Earring Evolution (Earring of Unity)
- New Map Bloody Tarkan
- Invasions & Boss with Ruud/Coin

Season19 Part 1-2:

- Grow Lancer Rework
- New Mastery Item (Primordial Lightning)
- New Weapon Apocalypse
- New Ingame Shop (HOT)
- New Map Torment Island

- Hunt Point System 
- Quest System for Farm Coins 
- PvM Quest Extra Freebies 
- Titles for VIP/Siege/Crystal/Hunt etc
- Crystal Battle & Castle Siege Benefits

TAG & Share Event:
Go to EXMU Facebook Page (Click Here)
TAG 3 Friends and Share our Facebook Post and Win a GIFT from our Team.
(After Tag/Share, send us via inbox one photo for we give your prize)

- Gift 1 (Experience): PET Panda
- Gift 2 (PvP): Ring Wizard
- Gift 3 (Jewelry): Pair of Earrings + xPendant + xRing

Posted21 / 10 / 2023Byexmuonline

Currently this is only one server.