Season 19 Guide: New Map Torment Island

Torment Island

Map Tormenta Island Mu Online

  • The entry level is 1280, and the hunting penalty level is 1310.
  • You can move by consuming 50,000 zen through the movement command window.
  • It can be accessed through the entrance located at Elbeland 3 (182, 195).
  • You can use Assistant Plus to move to the hunting ground (main/sub-main) of the desired element.
  • There is a safe zone on the map, when entering the hunting ground, dying or reconnecting, you will be moved to a safe zone.
  • Tormenta Island is an elemental hunting ground, where monsters with elements appear.
  • Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption, It has a debuff probability resistance value.
  • The shock ability of Tormenta Island monsters has been added (Tomenta Island monsters have an additional 3% shock chance).

Posted 18 / 10 / 2023

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