Castle Siege & Crystal Battle

Castle Siege & Crystal Battle:

1. Schedule:

- Castle Siege every Sunday at 10:00am (GMT-3)
- Crystal Battle every Saturday at 11:00am (GMT-3)

2. Prizes:

Castle Siege Automatically Coin Reward: 20.000 Coin
Crystal Battle Automatically Coin Reward: 5.000 Coin

Winner Guild receive one Exclusive Map during 1 weeek.
On that map, you can find 10 Erohim BOSS.
Each erohim gives you 25 Coins + 3.000 Ruud
Respawn: 3h

Extra: Winner Guild Member receive a 'title' to be used

Extra: Castle Siege Information

- Your guild must have alliance to participate on Castle Siege
- Hold 2 Switchs and Click on Crown to Register (60 seconds)
- Last Guild on Defense = Winner

- Castle Siege has only 20% of normal damage, so its hard to kill or get killed on this event.
- With that information, normally 'register' is easy, so guilds wait to register on last minute and win.
- Use move to Castle Siege ('M' HotKey) to warp near Throne Room.
- Master doesnt lose accumulated time. Pay attention with guilds that 'try seal' and 'disappear', they will back and 'win-in-one-click' at end.

Extra: Crystal Battle Register

- Its a 'Guild' Event, it means your alliance can play alone vs your guild (Different than Castle Siege) when Alliance play together.
- The Guild Master need to go to a coordinate inside Crystal Crown (143 245). 12 seconds to seal.
- Last Guild on Defense win. Pay attention at end and Focus always on kill the Enemy Guild Master.

- Guild Members only have to protect the Guild Master or kill the Guild Master Enemy.
- Use move to Crystal Battle ('M' HotKey) to warp inside the Event.
- This Event has 100% Damage, so kill and get killed is 'easy'.

How to register your guild?
Use command '/registerbattle' when the Game Master ask you to use the command.

How to know how many time to event end?
Use Command '/timerbattle' and a little countdown will appear in your screen.

Posted 13 / 11 / 2020

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