General Command List


Distribute Points:

/addstr X -> Adds X points to strength
/addagi X -> Adds X points to agility
/addene X -> Adds X points to energy
/addvit X -> Adds X points to vitality
/addcmd X -> Adds X points to command

Auto Distribute Points:

/addstr auto X -> Auto Adds X points to strenght
/addagi auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to agility
/addene auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to energy
/addvit auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to vitality
/addcmd auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to command
*To disable: /addstr auto

Reset Auto:
*When you reach Reset Level, you auto-reset and distribute points (VIP Function)
*You can use only /reset auto, or /reset auto + auto add

/reset auto or /reset auto str agi vit ene cmd
*To disable: /reset auto

*You can reset your points and re-distribute everything (VIP Function)
*You need get off all items you use, to be able to use the command
*The tax of the command is 1 bilion zen.



/pkclear -> Price: Zen
/evo -> Evolver your character Class
/offattack -> Use the Offlevel System (configuration of MuHelper will be used here)
(Some low maps the Offlevel does not work, only in mid/high maps)

/getcp -> Command to win Tag/Share Event
/cp -> Use to win the 'Lighting Cupom' Event
/clock -> Check Server Time 
/muinfo -> Information of Server


/quiz   -> Answer the Event Quiz
/stack -> Register Rena for Auction Event
/bid -> Offer Rena for one Item in Auction Event

/tag -> Participate of TAG Event (GM Event)
/survivor -> Participate of Survivor Event (GM Event)


How to open Store / OffStore?

1) Set the value in "ZEN"

Put the item on your Personal Store (Set the amount of zen - This will be the amount charged for the option chosen)
Set the store name (Random text...)

2) Select your store option!

Store Coin : /store coin
Store GP : /store gp
Store Ruud : /store ruud

Attention: To offstore just open store and command to offstore (Example: /offstore)
Attention: Do not open your store with the OPEN button.
(Who open the store without command will sell things to Zen)


Posted 01 / 04 / 2019

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